The AI Assistant for Travel Companies

Deliver 24/7 customer service to improve client experience and convert high-potential leads with less manual effort

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What Maya can do for you

Inspire website visitors

Pro-actively engage with visitors and recommend the most relevant destinations, trips, experiences or hotels based on their preferences

Increase conversion

Guide vistors to the best matching product, provide the information they need, and let them convert online next to the chat

Collect & qualify leads

Capture leads in a natural way through chat, qualify them and put them in touch with the most relevant expert for building a custom trip

Answer questions

Instantly answer FAQs so your specialists can focus on converting high-qualified leads

Improve productivity

Support your travel agents and customer service staff by unlocking all your proprietary knowledge from your website, knowledge database & emails

Create better content

Gather insights into your visitors’ questions and combine it with proprietary data sources to generate unique content that attracts highly-converting organic traffic

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What travellers are expecting in 2024

Travellers’ expectations are high, and will keep rising with more Gen Z’ers entering your target audience




Zero friction

Keep up with these expectations by letting your white-label version of Maya:

◇ Give instant, personalized advice on destinations and trips
◇ Give immediate answers to FAQs
◇ Give instant support on booking questions
◇ Book directly with clients through conversation

What's in it for you?

◇ Increase conversion by engaging travelers early on in their journey, collecting lead info naturally
◇ Reduce cost by automating simple question answering to reduce manual effort
◇ Let your informed travel agents focus on added value for high-potential leads

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"maya has allowed us to more effectively connect with our target audience"

Thanks to the fluid nature of maya's conversation, it's far easier for potential travelers to find the information they're looking for, which has enabled us to effectively lower the barrier for customers to get in touch with us, expediting the process of obtaining travel proposals.

The implementation of maya was remarkably smooth and we really appreciated the team’s dynamic approach, quick responses, and willingness to think along with us.

Thibault Jageneau,
General Manager at Noorderhuis
Since implementing Cleo - powered by maya - clients have easily been able to find answers to their questions from all of the vast information on our website - you can think of almost anything and Cleo has the answer! This enables us to showcase our expert status and stand out as a smaller travel organization alongside bigger competitors. With easy access to both product and practical information, travellers have more trust in what we offer and see us as a reputable, organized agency.

Miriam Kok,
Owner at Kingfisher Tours

Typical challenges that Maya solves

Most of the questions our travel designers get are answered online, but the traveler can’t find the info


E-commerce Manager of Hotel OTA

We get most requests for custom trips on the weekend, so it takes a couple of days to get back to them


Travel Agency CCO

We try to answer questions and booking requests within 48 hours, but that's hard during peak season


General Manager at Travel Agency Noorderhuis

The agencies that sell our trips often disappoint their clients when they can’t answer their questions


CEO of Luxury Tour Operator

We get most form submissions in the evening, but most people don't want to pick up the phone when we call them


CCO at Connections

I called 2 days ago to get advice for our family's safari trip, and I'm still waiting for a response


Family Traveller
Why we are the right team to partner with:
➤ We are the first AI assistant for travel companies on the market
➤ Maya has been live on Live the World for 6 months
➤ Our team has years of experience when it comes to travel content, inspiration, and planning UX
➤ Our in-house tech team can customize and implement quickly
➤ We are independent of any booking platform

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